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Hello Friends of Thompson Chemists!

Since I was a small child my father would take me to Thompson Chemists for every little thing. Did I need medicine? got it. Lip balm? got it. Candy for when I was acting out? Yes, and in those cute little tins I love so much. Basically, since 1994 I’ve been running over to Gary and Jolie to help me with every bodily discomfort, anyone else with me on this?

Now 20 years later, and I am so pleased to be writing and editing the blog. I’ll be writing about products, activities, and in-store events. You can catch me in one of our two stores on most days. Our newest store, Thompson Alchemists, is on 449 West Broadway. And the tiny pharmacy on 137 Thompson has moved across the street to the bigger and better 132 Thompson, so please come and say hello!

I’m looking forward to entertaining you with some pharmaceutical prose.

Here’s a picture of me next to some antacids



P.S. You know those candies you suddenly got a craving for? well you can check them out on our online store by clicking here: Thompson Chemists // Candy

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