Fine and Raw chocolate

Fine and Raw Chocolate

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A fresh new company has arrived that’s making us aware of what appears to be a  very high chocolate deficiency in the neighborhood population. For whatever reason it seems that once you’ve tried FINE and RAW you’re hooked. FINE and RAW chocolate is the creation of Daniel Sklaar who took his personal obsession for chocolate and is now sharing it with the world.

Made in Brooklyn USA the company stays environmentally conscious and tries to keep things green and 100% organic. FINE and RAW points out that they work with those cacao farmers focused on protecting the planet and maintaining the rainforests that provide a canopy which shades the cacao plant so it can grow.

Available in Cacao & coconut chunky bonbon, Sea Salt Bar, Lucama & vanilla, Blueberries, Raspberries, Nibs, Mesquite & many other flavors. Stop by any of our retail stores for a sweet addiction.

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