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Regardless of all the insanity that has surrounded Thompson Chemists in the past few months, we have still not lost sight of whats important…YOU! 😀 As always we put our efforts in trying to find the newest, most exciting lines out there and making them available to you. The importance of supporting local businesses and natural products is never lost on us and we always try our hardest to find those companies that make a difference.

Created by the wonderfully knowledgable MJ, MJ’s Herbals are a collection of healing salves all handmade by MJ herself. With a rich background in herbalism and holistic healing, MJ made sure that her salves are chemical-free and certified organic. (Not only that, but they actually WORK!) We have difficulty keeping MJ’s Herbals fully stocked since customers love them so much!  Packaged in portable glass jars, the Lavender E Salve is perfect for headaches, the Arnica Salve rids you of bruises and muscle aches, Calendula for wounds and skin care, the First Aid as an antiseptic, antibacterial salve, and the Breast Balm to help strengthen breast tissue. Hand-pressed with care by MJ, it is very easy to fall in love with these wonderful, multipurpose salves.

With the discontinuation of (my favorite) Alabu scent, Purely Herbal, (Alabu, please bring it back!!!) new scents have been added to our already impressive repertoire including garden trellis, peppermint and lavender delight..each smell more lovely than the next. As Emily explained in a previous blog Alabu produces natural, locally hand made soaps that are ideal for all types of skin.

Loving Naturals was actually requested by a customer of ours and ever since we got it in it keeps flying off the shelves like candy and it is not difficult to understand why! Founded by two parents in attempts to provide their newborn baby with natural products and since they felt wary about all other sunscreens on the market, they created their own. This simple, totally organic SPF 30+ sunscreen has since then rocketed to the number 1 safest sunscreen spot on the EWG’s Skin Deep database.

Babo Botanicals was created in the same manner, a single mother earnestly trying to provide her two kids with safe baby grooming products and not being able to find any, decided to draw on her previous experiences in product development and Babo Botanicals was born! High in professional quality, organic and free of all “icky chemicals”, we are ecsatic to have Babo with us.

It makes us happy to see that these wonderful  people and families out there put so much love and dedication into what they do, they fit in right with us at TC. 🙂

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