Alabu Goat Milk Soaps: Natural, Hand-made, Local!

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When a customer comes in asking for a soap for dry, irritated or eczema prone skin I always send them straight to Alabu.

Alabu’s goat-milk soaps soaps are ideal for people with sensitive skin and it’s easy to see why! Compare their ingredients to those of any commercially made soap (even Tom’s of Maine!) and you will see a HUGE difference. Alabu’s Oat and Honey bar reads: “goat milk, saponofied oils of olive, coconut, soybean oils, cocoa butter, castor oil, oat flour, honey,” as simple as it gets.

Besides the fact that they make wonderful products, Alabu is the kind of company I love to see on our shelves, and it makes me happy to see it do so well here. These soaps are not certified organic, but they might as well be. (For more info on how it can difficult for small farms to become certified organic click here.) Better yet, they are LOCAL. Run by a family in Mechanicville, NY, the company began as a “challenging chemistry lesson for my home-schooled children,” writes founder Maryclaire. She and her family discovered how wonderful home-made goats milk soap was, and how much better for your skin than any store bought brands. Later, after making soap for friends and family (it was rather in demand!) they decided to start selling.

I feel that Alabu and their products (which are not limited to soaps, we carry their lotion sticks and face oils as well!) epitomize the return to a simpler, and richer, life, which, as a New Yorker (really a Brooklynite) I appreciate (read: long for). They are also lovely people. I’ve spoken to just about everybody on the phone and all of us here look forward to the newsletters they produce monthly (the adorable goat pictures featured here came from the newsletters).

So, if you’ve got dry, sensitive skin, eczema or just a passion for good soaps, stop in and see us at Thompson Chemists and pick up a bar of Alabu’s goat-milk soap. We carry Lavender Mint, Rosemary, Tea Tree (unscented), Buttermilk (unscented), Oat and Honey (unscented), Jasmine, Purely Herbal (our favorite! now discontinued! we have aprox. 60 bars), Baby Me (unscented) and Gingerbread (yum!). At only $4.95 a bar you can’t go wrong.


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