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For those of you who are not familiar with argan oil, it’s made from the kernels of the rare Argan tree grown in southwestern Morocco and valued for its numerous nutritive, medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Earthly Body combines argan oil with the nourishing and moisturizing benefits of hemp seed oil to create the incredible hair care essential that you may know as Marrakesh Oil. Now, Earthly Body has expanded the line to include a shampoo , conditioner and leave in treatmeant. The shampoo is sulfate-free and its rich botanicals provide a gentle clean for all hair types. The conditioner replenishes hair and silk proteins maximize moisture. The hemp seed and argan oil formula restores moisture and it’s safe for daily use on damaged as well as color-treated hair (and it smells GREAT) .

This is perfect for me because I frequently use blow dryers, curling irons AND straightening irons to achieve a variety of hairstyles almost everyday. Applying heat to your hair daily WILL dry your hair and cause your ends to split. So you can understand why the Marrakesh Original shampoo and conditioner were miracle workers for me. After shampooing, I used the conditioner and before I even dried my hair I noticed change. It made my hair smooth and soft and made my normally unruly hair lay flat ( with the help of my trusty straightening iron ) I usually can only achieve this look with HOURS of straightening and re-straightening and careful maintenance throughout the week. To top it all off, my hair is thick so it gets tangled in my hands when I wash it myself but luckily, the Marrakesh Conditioner detangles as well (I’m telling you, this stuff is AWESOME).

Overall, THE BEST thing about any of the Marrakesh products is that they’re great for ALL HAIR TYPES so whether you have straight and fine hair, kinky curly hair, thick hair, thin hair, short or long, colored, permed or natural WHATEVER! Marrakesh shampoo and conditioner will quickly change your mind about your regular hair care regimen.


Marrakesh Oil: 2 oz, $23.00
Marrakesh Original Shampoo: 8oz, $15.00
Marrakesh Orignial Conditioner: 8oz, $15.00
Marrakesh X Leave In Treatment: 4oz, $16.00


  1. Very cool! My hair unfortunately gets abused daily because of my hair straightener, seeing that my hair is in that bracket between wavy and…a mess. It always looks awful and uneven without the help from the straightener. But this looks like it could help A LOT for people with similar issues. Does it have a fragrance or anything like that?

    1. Uhuh! remember when you came over that one time, and I showed you the hair oil that was on my dresser? And then my mother came in I told her she couldn’t use it like she uses EVERYTHING i have? lol 🙂 they have a shampoo/conditioner now! I’m so happy 😛

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