How to Have the Ultimate Sleepover.

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Two words: Gold. Mask.

(…from Dr. Kadir.)

Seriously guys, this stuff is so gorgeous, just opening up the jar put me in a state of awe. We ran into this product at the Javits Convention Center Gift Fair in January and it only took a tiny peek under the lid before we hurriedly scribbled it down on our “Must Get!!!” list.

And it doesn’t stop there! It was ridiculous how much fun I had with this mask; beautification has never been so joyous.

The directions are easy enough: apply to face, leave for 10-15 minutes, rinse off.

I left it on for the full fifteen minutes and during which I was off in my own Avatar spin-off fantasy land.

Rinsing off wasn’t as arduous a task that you might imagine, the stuff comes off fairly easy and it left my skin feeling unlike any other mask I’ve tried. I find with other masks, my face feels firmed. The gold mask left my skin feeling…supple. Plus, I felt like it brightened up my face, really evened out my skin tone, complexion AND gave me some color, which I found particularly awesome.  (Or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking—I’ve been made fun of for my paleness one too many times!) Not to mention the slight sparkle that accompanied my skin afterwards. (Cue the Twilight vampire jokes.)

I am sad to report that, no, the gold mask is not made with real gold or “active gold particles” as some websites claim. Rather, it is made with a mineral called mica and that is what gives the mask its super cool golden factor. (I actually find this a plus since Emily told me a horrifying tale about gold poisoning…eep!) Also made with pomegranate and avocado which fight off the effects of aging, this mask is truly beyond extraordinary.

You can spoil yourself rotten with the Dr. Kadir Gold Mask for $59.95 (50 ml). So invite the gals over, crank up The Bangles’ Walk like an Egyptian, pretend that you’re Shirley Eaton on the set of Goldfinger, and enjoy!

P.S. I understand that is a hard to find item, so I would like to remind you that we ship internationally! 😉


  1. James Cameron may have won the Golden Globe for Avatar but @essyshasho wins the Thompson Chemists Golden Twinklet Award. Your such a “mad hatress” we love that magical smile.

  2. It looks like your face has got the midas touch! But you’re still moving, so that’s good news!
    (And the only person who’s allowed to finger gun is Courtney Cox from Cougar town, and even she gets told to put them away!)

    I have a proposition for you. When you get to try things like this out (GOLD facial mask!? And I have to find this out from your BLOG!? WHY DON’T YOU TELL ME THESE THINGS!?) you call me, and I drive the 3.2 seconds it takes to get to your house from mine, and I help 😀

  3. Wow! I can’t wait to try Dr.Kadir’s gold mask! I need to get rejuvenated fast. Dr. Kadir sounds like the way to go. Reminds me of ” The Man With The Golden Gun ” A true spy adventure 🙂

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