Too Much Baggage?

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I tend to carry too much baggage and I’m talking about the puffy, black, semi-circular ones beneath your eyes that show the world your vulnerability. It’s true that those wonderful expansions under our eyes grow with the expansion of the rest of our bodies. Factors such as allergies, lack of sleep, poor nutrition (especially protein digestion) and hereditary characteristics all lead us to this fabulous flab that not even the finest clothing can overcome.

Pollution and pollen poison our atmosphere which in turn irritates our eyes by causing capillaries to dilate; these tiny blood vessels extend below the eye and accumulate in the lower lids and that’s where all the trouble begins. A daily eye wash will do wonders by leaving your eyes feeling refreshed and clean. This will also lessen the chance of an allergic response because hopefully, the allergens are also being rinsed out. Once those pesky allergens build up again, allergy drops may help get rid of redness, but they don’t really help with the accumulation in the lower lids. For that, you need to stimulate blood circulation. Proper protocol includes a warm compress followed by a cooling-down to shrink the swelling.

Lack of sleep is a guarantee in the city that doesn’t. In fact, I’m not sure I know of anyone over the age of 6 who gets eight hours of sleep a night! Along with the right amount of sleep, exercise is the best regimen to circulate oxygen throughout our entire body and revitalize every cell including skin cells. But that’s another topic.

Being of Semitic background and living in NYC seems to form an unstoppable incentive of getting held at airport customs for having way too many bags. But I haven’t given up yet, thanks to the creators at Klorane, who have formulated these divine smoothing and relaxing eye patches. Rich in soothing and softening cornflower extract, soothing arnica (which improves blood circulation), and relaxing chamomile. These cool hypoallergenic patch jellies go instantly to work. You immediately feel the cool gel say to you; “RELAX”.

A smile forms on your face and you’re taken into another world; one blissfully free of stress, pollution and time. Lie back, close your eyes and enjoy the soothing results. The feeling is refreshing and exhilarating. Only a mere 20 minutes later you will see that the cool moist patches have cleared out the heavy baggage, stimulated blood flow and helped remove the darkness. The cool feeling extends its way to the eyeballs and also removes the redness from the lower corners of the eye which will allow the entire eye to relax.

Enjoy the benefits of these heavenly patches.

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