Shampoo review from the bald man

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Ok, I don’t have a full head of hair and rightfully I probably should not be reviewing a shampoo line with the stature of J.F. Lazartigue, but since I opened Thompson Chemists it has been a standard in our home. I don’t have that George Clooney type of aging hair. Mine is more akin to Groucho Marx or Einstein. But when I look back at those old photos of my favorite personalities I can’t help but think how different their hair styles would have been if they only had the access to such a fine product line like J.F. Lazartigue in their shower.
Often the problem with men’s thin hair is our journey towards baldness. During the evolution of our appearance we stand in front of our mirrors in the morning confused and bewildered. Where did my 1970’s Queens hair go to? Well, as my plumber would point out, mostly down the drain. But along the way I have learned to adapt to this change. The brittle yet fine hair that is left over tends to want to escape almost in a suicidal way, begging to end to its misery. But then to the rescue comes the Treatment Cream shampoo with collagen. This 3- in 1 shampoo washes, nourishes and untangles even the most confused hair. No folks you don’t have to be balding to enjoy this shampooing treatment. The benefits are for all but I can only speak from my point of view.
It doesn’t lather, it’s true, but this is a treatment line. You can feel the power of the conditioning benefits seep into your hair as you massage your scalp. I say scalp cause that’s mostly what I feel when I’m shampooing. Comb it through for extra benefits and rinse with ice cold water. Oh yeah. Now your hair is revitalized, conditioned, nurtured and ready to look as sharp as Tom Cruise. Ok, I’m getting confused again, I meant Jack Nicholson. Enjoy your existence, hair. I’m not giving up until the last strand.
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