Thompson Chemists Staff

Thompson Alchemists Staff

Emily Walsh was a vital part of
Thompson Chemists for many years. Emily was a constant blend of stimulating intellect, down to earth beauty and constantly charming, Throughout the years Emily wore many hats. Emily began working in the pharmacy as teenager working as a junior pharmacy technician.
Emily later became the buyer for specialty beauty products at Thompson Chemists. Emily contributed to the development of the website, worked as blog editor, social media developer, created informative product videos, advertising consultant and much more. In addition to it all Emily Walsh became the front end manager of Thompson Chemists 2010 after fire repair was completed. Shortly afterwards Gary Alony was diagnosed with stage 3 , phase 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Moving back and forth due to a fire, opening a second store and Gary needing many days off for treatments and rest presented a confusion for local regular customers. Emily’s natural way of being sustained the familiar warmth that Soho’s Neighborhood Pharmacy was known for.
Although Emily is currently not physically working at any of the retail Thompson stores she is a trusted consultant and a positive force pushing us forward and further into the future.

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