Did You Say French Beauty?

Did you say French Beauty? It all started with one woman who literally turned a whole city on to France’s finest apothecary products. 

I first met Elyse back in 1986. I was a pharmacy student working part time on the upper east side of Manhattan. Elyse supplied the store with the most unique products.  

In fact, she would supply high-end French apothecary products to all the Manhattan stores. Everything from fancy, swirly, glass colorful perfume bottles, optical grade magnification mirrors, badger shave brushes, gold plated razors, handmade brushes, combs, hair clips, head bands, pill boxes and so much more. Elyse would only carry the best of the best in her rolling carryon that was filled with catalogs and samples of French beauty products.  

To me Elyse was a time traveler.  She carried products and presented herself as someone from another time. One that may or may not have existed but was full of elegance and charm. Those of us who knew her will forever miss her but will always be reminded of her when we pass a limestone Manhattan townhouse, an

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