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Jolie Alony is the owner of Thompson Alchemists
Jolie Alony the owner of Thompson Alchemists is on a sail ship exploring the NY Harbor

Jolie speaks five different languages.  She makes sure the store is stocked with common items and boutique specialty products for body and hair care and overall wellness.  When she and Gary first opened, this part of the Village was more Italian and Portuguese; she speaks both, as well as French and Spanish.  This helps her communicate with the old timers or European visitors that love to shop and stroll the Sullivan-Thompson Historic District that GVSHP got landmarked in 2016 within which their store is located.  Gary and Jolie’s first date was at 151 Wooster. When one of their sons was young, he always asked to go to this part of town, the one with the “tiny streets.”

…. featured in OFF THE GRID

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

Business of the Month: Thompson Alchemists, 132 Thompson Street

There is something especially welcoming when you stroll past a shop with benches or seats outside. Add a colorful window display or a sidewalk-tuned-art-canvas out front, and you just have to walk in.  Thompson Alchemists at 132 Thompson Street, just south of Houston Street, fits the bill for all of that, and much more.  And they are our August Business of the Month.

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