Gary and Jolie Alony, Mama J and The Medicine Man, kissing infront of their Soho NYC retail store

The Dig: Thompson Chemists

Thompson Alchemists is on the Dig
Elle McLogan joined CBS2 in September 2017 as a digital reporter for
She created The Dig With Elle McLogan, a series that uncovers hidden gems in food and culture. She hosts, produces, and edits the show on her own, shooting entirely on her cell phone. Episodes can be found at
Gary and his wife Jolie have built their health store into a neighborhood hangout, where visitors greet them by name—Gary is called the “Medicine Man,” and Jolie is “Mama J.”

CBS2’s Elle McLogan introduces you to a Lower Manhattan drugstore that’s full of surprises in the latest episode of The Dig.

Thompson Chemists: A Pharmacy Where ‘Mama J’ And ‘The Medicine Man’ Prescribe Music, Magic, And Community

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