Fenner Designs – ddesigner

“…Until a few years ago, Edd Fenner, a local artist and friend, did the windows in a very fantastical manner, with colorful production numbers and sweeping themes. He died, and the windows went back to being just original and interesting, with several personal items in them, like photos and articles along with the drugstore items. The windows have two themes: feeling better and country music.

There is an old Life magazine cover with Johnny Cash on it in the window right now…” ~ BY JANE HEIL USYK The Villager 6/2019

THOMPSON Alchemists
This alien was made entirely by Edd Fenner
Edd Fenner Design
these puppets of GAry and Jolie Alony were made by Edd Fenner
Gary and Jolie Alony framed with a wooden heart hanging inside Thompson Alchemists
pictures of a window at Thompson Alchemists designed by Edd Fenner
a collage of pictures of a window display created by Edd Fenner

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