Nina’s Review of KEYS SOLAR RX – Broad Spectrum Sunblock

Being a sensitive soul with sensitive skin, I have a hard time finding products that agree with me.  I’m a big fan of staying moisturized without getting greasy, and am really big on facial moisturizer that provides at least SPF 30 protection.  It seems like UV rays are more intense these days so it’s one of my main priorities to protect myself from both UVA and UVB rays (which not only make your skin age faster, but also increases your chances of skin cancer).

I was in search for a new facial moisturizer since my previous one didn’t moisturize as well as I would’ve liked and it also left a slight purplish/whitish tinge on my face.  I opted for KEYS SOLAR RX – Broad Spectrum Sunblock since it keeps flying off our shelves at Thompson Chemists.  Also, since I have fairly finicky skin, I figured that a natural and chemical-free moisturizer/sunblock would be ideal.

I’d have to say that my decision to give KEYS SOLAR RX a try was probably one of the best that I’ve made all year!  Not only does it moisturize well and absorb completely into the skin, it also has an awesome texture.  I actually think it’s comparable to a foundation primer so I was able to skip that step this morning after applying.  As a bonus, it has a light, slightly citrusy scent which I found to be pleasant.  Another plus, this product isn’t just for the face – it can be used on all areas of your body.  Yay!

Keys Solar RX, 3.4oz, $26.95

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