Winter skin blues

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To follow up Esther’s very informative post on Xerosis (or dry flaky skin) I thought I would share some of the ways I keep my own very dry skin under control in wintertime. This is also sort of a follow up to my blog on holiday travel (particularly my eulogy to Avene’s Cicalfate Cream, which I won’t repeat).

Today I’m going to talk about the body. Americans often worry only about their visible skin, i.e. the face, and occasionally hands and feet. However, if not properly cared for the rest of the body suffers, not just from dryness but also from the effects from ageing (a topic I’ll address in another post…). Having a good body lotion in winter is, for me, absolutely essential. If I don’t moisturize often enough, my skin cries (Xerosis!). Here are my recommendations for winter moisturizers:

Alaffia: The bargain-hunter’s choice

Alaffia products are fair-trade and shea butter based. We currently carry two body lotions, the Neem Therapeutic Body Lotion and the Kola Ginger Body Lotion which both retail at a shockingly low price of $11.95(8oz).

For extra dry skin we also carry two Shea Butter Balms (Unscented and Rose Geranium) and two Body Butters in spicy Savanna Rain and edible (not really, but almost!) Virgin Coconut scents.

The creams ($12.95/4oz) are nice and thick, perfect for my extra dry skin, but the glass jar runs out quickly if used daily over the whole body. That’s why I like to combine it with one of the lotions, using the lotion daily and the cream after bathing.

The balms ($7.95/2oz) are even richer, in fact they are so rich in shea butter that, like pure shea, they are easier to spread if they have been warmed in the palm beforehand. I like to use the balms on cracked feet, cuticles and elbows.

Nuxe’s Reve De Miel Line: The luxury choice

Nuxe’s Reve De Miel (or Honey Dream) line is one of my favorite ranges we carry. It is based in acacia honey and formulated for dry and sensitive skin, just like mine. There are 10 products in the range: a face cream, a facial cleanser, shampoo, bath and body wash, body scrub, body cream, hand and nail cream, foot cream, lip balm and the SOS Family Balm.

The body cream is absolutely divine. It smells like honey and is incredibly rich without being overly greasy. The Hand and Nail Cream is one of our staff favorites (as I have mentioned before) and the Family Balm is perfect for extra-dry or cracked skin. This line is safe for the whole family (36 months and up).

Lavido: The perfume lover’s choice

Esther mentioned Lavido in her last post. Lavido is our newest line of products at Thompson Chemists and their selection of hydrating perfumed creams will make you thankful for dry skin. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Patchouli Cream but we also have creams scented with Neroli (or Citrus Flowers), Bulgarian Lavender, and Cypress Geranium Frankincense. The creams go on smoothly without being overly greasy. They also are in a fairly large (and classy) glass jar (250ml). For extra dry skin try the Evening Primrose Cream which is considered their “therapeutic” cream. The creams are shea butter based with natural essential oils, most of which are produced on Lavido’s own organic farm in Israel.


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