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I’ve always proclaimed the Klorane papyrus line to be my absolute favorite hair care line ever, ever! However, It isn’t until now that I realize how much I have been completely spoiled rotten by Klorane.

Being of the “ginger race”, (thankfully I’ve been spared the freckles!) my hair is typically very curly and when left untended, frizzy, coarse and dry. The good samaritans at Klorane have managed to harness the power of papyrus milk, which is the essential ingredient in their line. This magical ingredient whips my hair into shape, renders it into the softest its ever been, and leaves this light, fresh and intoxicating botanical scent in my tresses that last for days.

I’ve never had the luxury of being able to wash and go without looking like a wayward clown. This all changed when I started using Klorane products. It is not a treatment line therefore I saw results the second I washed the products out. One thing that amazes me about using these items is that my hair has never felt so soft. Not only is it left sleek and shiny but there is ZERO frizziness. For a redhead like me this is a borderline heart-stopping effect. For once I don’t have to spend the necessary hour and a half washing, blow drying and straightening just to look decent enough for the outside world.

I use the Klorane shampoo and conditioning mask. (A regular conditioner has not been available in the US, but will soon be on the shelves at Thompson Chemists. (!!!!!!!!!) ) Also, as a college student, I am also a huge fan of their do-able prices: The shampoo being $13.00 and the conditioning mask, $24.00; I find it a small price to pay for it’s unbeatable benefits.

Currently, I am taking advantage of my winter break and am on vacation in not-so-sunny Florida, (Boo, global warming!) and I have unfortunately forgotten to pack my Klorane shampoo and thus, I am once again reminded how much of an effect a great shampoo can have on your daily life.

So, greetings from Florida and I cannot wait to return to less-than-sunny New York and to back to my Klorane regime. 🙂

Happy Shampoo-ing!

**disclaimer** the photo does NOT depict the author!


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