Dr. Morrison Diet Formula With Svetol

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For those of you in the New York state area, take advantage of the amazingly beautiful weather while it lasts! With the times being so strange, my advice to you is to benefit from the sunny skies. With the increasing temperature, many are hitting the gyms in order to achieve their ideal beach body. In order to aid you with this, Thompson Chemists recommends you try our Dr. Morrison Diet Formula With Svetol.

Svetol is a fat-burning agent that increases your metabolism. Extracted from the decaffeinated green coffee bean, it is known throughout the beauty world for its slimming effects as well as it’s ability to improve your body’s form. Backed up scientifically, this secret (not for much longer!) ingredient is the solution for weight-loss and beauty.



Our Dr. Morrison pills are made with 200 mg of Svetol in each capsule. (there are 60 to a bottle.)How it works is that it reduces the absorption of glucose in your bloodstream. (UP TO 50%!) Glucose, combined with amino acids, potentially becomes fat cells, and we all know what happens next! The Dr. Morrison Diet Formula will take care of that as well as release fat-burning agent that works through exercise.



The Dr. Morrison formula is the perfect accessory to anyones diet! It is readily available at both our website and store. In the meantime, get outside and enjoy the weather!


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