Natural Hair Removal from Shobha at Thompson Chemists

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Just out at Thompson Chemists is Shobha; a brand new line that specializes in hair removal. Not only is this unlike anything else that we’ve had in the store but iits is an all-natural line and each of its products are paraben-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, petrol-free, resin-free and wax-free!

We chose a few products that we beleived our customers would enjoy, one of them being an Exfoliating Cloth. This cloth is 100% natural, machine washable, and lasts up to one year! It can be used for your face and body. The cloth is especially useful for post hair-removal treatments as dead layers of skin can build up and trap hairs, causing ingrowns. For this we also carry an Ingrown Relief Lotion. This amazing lotion has great texture and it is effective without being harsh or drying.

Another item that deserves mention is Shobha’s Sugaring Kit. This is an effective and sensitive alternative to waxing. Not only this, but it is far less painful and sounds sweeter! Consisting of lemon and sugar, the 8 fl oz tub of gel will stick to the hair, not the skin. Other things in the kit include 6 reusable denim stips, 2 plastic spatulas, a 2 oz talc-free powder to soak up excess oils on the areas that will be sugared, and a instruction booklet. At only $30.00, the kit is a great deal!

The Staff at Thompson Chemists wishes you well. 🙂

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