LAVIDO Skincare from the Sea of Gal

Lavido skincare is dedicated to scientific research aimed at developing breakthrough formulas that actually work. Lavido is certified organic skincare line inspired by the natural landscape of the Village of Nahalal, in the Galilee Valley. Lavido uses plants grown from crops that are cultivated without the intervention of genetic engineering (non-GMO), without sprays or synthetic fertilizers to develop products that are free of artificial ingredients such as SLS, parabens, silicone, petroleum or artificial coloring agents.

Lavido skincare was founded by Ido Magal, whose love for the land inspired him to research natural cosmetics, conducted workshops at the Lavido company store, and developed new products created out of a combination of nature, science and accumulated knowledge. On a recent trip to the Lavido visitors center and factory store in Nahalal, Gary and Jolie Alony (owners of Thompson Chemists and Thompson Alchemists) had a firsthand experience of the company’s dedication to research, development and education. Everything about Lavido is true. The company’s products transcend the vibrant natural energy that surrounds the land it is developed on. Each time you use any of these products you will experience a feeling of awareness of nature that will lift your spirits and remind you of all the greatness our world has to offer.
You can find Lavido skincare at either of our Soho, NYC retail stores.

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