Many of us Soho NYC old timers remember a dark, tiny, inspirational coffee shop located on Thompson Street that invoked a deep nostalgic bohemian NYC feeling.  Intimately known as Auggie’s, its funky cast of characters often would spilled onto the sidewalk clinging cups of coffee. Neighborhood gossip, casual conversation would be held in between sips as the aroma of strong coffee and cigarettes engulfed the territory.

Auggie’s attracted artists, writers, musicians and sleepy mid-day risers, all gazing at each other through heavy eyelids which got lighter after every gulp. A daily ritual of waking to a new day of life’s daily drama with infinite passion

That’s all gone now along with many other NYC destinations that encouraged raw freedom, brazen creativity within an atmosphere chilling uncertainty. Most have been replaced by gentler more accepting forms of clean controllable commercialization. However,  Soho NYC residents desiring a taste of Porto Rico’s strongly flavored coffee named after the tiny Coffee shop on Thompson Street made of 1/2 French Italian Espresso and 1/2 Special House Blend can now visit Thompson Alchemists on West Broadway and ask for a cup of Auggie’s blend.

Thompson Alchemists is now brewing up this delicious blend daily giving Soho NYC a stimulating coffee that will connect you to the past through its strong aroma and tantalizing taste. Enjoy a cup of Auggie’s blend at Thompson Alchemists drink to inspiring creativity, positive thinking a increased sense of well-being 🙂

Coffee Menu
Regular Coffee


Ice Coffee







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