Rejuvenate, Relieve, Restore and Rebuild With Sprayology

Giving birth to a new store is extremely physically and psychologically labor intensive.
As we approach our due date and the pressure increases it is important to be relaxed and focused. Fortunately Sprayology has arrived just as our stress level reaches its peaks.

Sprayology has taken a modern approach to homeopathy by combing science and time honored homeopathy into a simple sublingual spray. This doctor formulated line is FDA regulated , made in the USA under laboratory conditions using the finest ingredients available. Sprayology is safety approved for ages two and up and has no negative side effects or contraindications.

Rejuvenate, relieve, restore, & rebuild with timely natural ingredients blended to support our body’s ability to heal it even the most worried mind. Just two sprays of the Stress Relief under the tongue and the cramping and tightening sensation that begins as your body tenses up due to the uneasiness of your day begin release and calm is restored. If the day is flashing by to quickly for you’re over worked mind Sprayology Brain Power will sharpen your mind like a razors edge so you can always be on point.

SleepEase with valerian promotes sleep naturally and safely. It relieves the common symptoms of insomnia such as wakefulness, restlessness, emotional stress and anxiety so we can all maintain a level-headed attitude as that important date approaches.

So far I was able to try these three great items and I can’t wait to try the weight loss and energy spray as soon as I get my body back to the gym. This formula helps curve excessive appetite and food cravings, while increasing energy and reducing water retention. But first, I will definitely being trying the Party Relief formula the day after our Grand Opening Party (Sunday, Oct 10th, 1-5pm) for Thompson Alchemists, your gateway to SOHO’s newest beauty items.

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