Emergency Awesomeness Post!

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For the past week I’ve been working on a (soon to be released) post on dry skin. However, last night I had an experience that was so incredible, I decided to push my other post back a few more days and write about this:

Reviviscence is the newest shampoo by Leonor Greyl, and it is meant to be used with the Masque Quintessence for very dry, damaged, ultra-brittle hair. My hair is actually fairly healthy. I don’t color it or even blow dry it but it is long, fine and prone to split ends and breakage. I also did not have a sample of the Masque Quintessence (I wouldnt be surprised if it didn’t exist, actually, considering the cost of the masque) so I followed up with the Creme Regeneratrice. In any case, the end result was astonishing. My hair looks like spun honey. It’s smooth, soft and shiny, but it is light and volumous, rather than weighed down or clumpy (a common problem with my fine hair). The craziest thing is that we don’t even carry these products at Thompson Chemists! But we will soon! Hold your orders for one week and I promise they’ll be here! Coming Soon: Shampooing Revivesence, $62.00 Creme Regeneratrice, $39.00


Leonor Greyl has arrived! Both the Shampooing Revivesence and the Creme Regeneratrice are in stock!

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